• Michelle Fix

Chapter 1 - Alterations

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“I have a board meeting here in Boston Mid-may so if I could have everything before then, it would be terrific. Is that enough time for alterations?”

“Si, si, si. Francesca will have them done next week. We go to New York and will a send the finished pieces from there. Si, mama?”

Francesca looked at Alba, scowled a bit and threw both hands at her as if to say - of course. You know I can do that.

“Oh! In that case I may be able to pick them up. I have another board meeting in Manhattan next week. I’ll have Sherie reach out to you to arrange. Alora! Grazie Francesca! Grazie, Alba!” Roberta went to them as she said her goodbyes and they each gave her a double kiss on the cheeks - very Italian. No matter the situation, everyone always left the trunk shows with a double kiss, even if you didn’t buy anything. Alba was like that - demonstrative and appreciative whether you spent money or you weren’t able to find a thing. Granted - she’d always try to sell you something - but she graciously always said she understood if you left empty-handed.

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