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6: Assassins From Shanaar - Part Five

“I require your skills as assassins. There is one who is an enemy and must die. You must tell no one of this, you must ask for no help, you must not get caught. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, my lord. We hear you and obey with willing hearts.”

“See to it that you do obey, for I will not tolerate failure on this mission. As to whom you are to kill, I have no name to give. I do not know it and if I could I would not know of such a man. I know a location and a description. You will have to identify this man, find him, and kill him. Listen carefully. You are to travel to Lake Brindle and the towns surrounding it. There is a family there, with three children, the boys now grown and their younger sister now a young woman. Fishermen by trade. Sons have brown hair, the girl’s with gold. This is all I know. Find this family. Kill them. Do you understand your assignment?”

The short man looked at the taller one who responded, “Yes, my lord, we will find this family and do as you bid. It will be done.” He pressed his right fist to his chest and bowed low again.

“The guards will give you gold. Tell them nothing of your assignment. Tell no one. Bring back news to me, and to me alone. You must not fail!” The last statement was spoken with such harshness that both men quiver.


The men turned around, walked toward the door, and opened it. Going through the entranceway they wheeled around and bowed again and then the door closed with a low clang. Silence once again settled over the room. For a long time nothing disturbed the silence until the crow flew in and landed at the feet of the man on the throne. It looked up expectantly at the man with its dull black eyes. The man looked down at the bird for a moment and then spoke to it.

“Yes, my friend, you did well to bring me the news, even if the news was bad.”

The crow squawked in response.

“Do not worry, my loyal one. This time the deed will be accomplished at last and we will be free of that threat forever.” A rumble of laughter emanated from the throne while the crow hopped back up to the window ledge. Peering out for a moment, it then flew off below with lazy beats of its wings, leaving the sound of laughter behind.

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