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1: The Hero of the Lake - Part Eight

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The sun was darkened a second time and Felanar excitedly pointed to a direction high above him. Both men felt a chill on their hearts. It was a creature that had blocked the sun by flying in front of it. It was no bird, for its size was immense. It slowly circled downward, giving Felanar a better view. The creature was not a bird though it had wings. What wings were these! Huge webbed wings, attached to a massive scaly body. A dragon! A dragon had appeared!

Chafrar cried out in alarm and Felanar studied the creature intently. Other fishermen had seen the creature and a cry of alarm went up. Probably not one of these men had ever seen a dragon before, but all knew the stories told down at the inn and had read the legends. Bane of the skies, dragons had no match for power and terror. Elderly widows in the village spoke of the horror of claiming a body that had been ripped and ruined by a dragon. Fishermen who had strayed too far into the sea had occasionally returned wild-eyed with fear from an encounter.

Felanar watched in amazement at this legend come to life. It (he? she?) was larger than he had imagined. The old books had pictured them in relation to men and had made them seem perhaps twice the size. This one was much larger. It was still at some distance but it was clearly forty or fifty feet across its wingspan. The sound of its wings came to them across the water, mingled with the yells of the fishermen. The boats nearer the dragon had been turned around and the men were sailing rapidly back toward shore aided by frantic rowing. Chafrar and Felanar, in a boat closer to shore already, still watched in amazement. The dragon was circling over one of the far boats, lazily beating its wings and snorting little puffs of smoke from its nostrils. The rowers on that boat were almost paralyzed by fear.

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