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1: The Hero of the Lake - Part Eleven

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

As they drew even nearer, the dragon began to increase the flapping of its wings and now Felanar was near enough to not only hear the beating of the wings but to feel the air rushing against him. He could smell the smoke, too, and another smell, a stench, coming from the beast’s mouth. It sickened him slightly to smell it. The dragon swooped down again toward the other boat roaring loudly, still not paying attention to Felanar. The men on the boat cowered in fear as the dragon soared down and then suddenly climbed, rocking the boat with a violent wind.

Felanar and Chafrar were almost alongside the other boat. The dragon could be clearly seen now. Its scaly skin was greenish and brown, with speckles of gold and red. It had an enormous belly and thick hind legs and a tail that twitched back and forth in the air. Its bat-like wings had claws on the end. There was straggly hair like a beard hanging down from its face. It began another descent.

Felanar wondered now what he was going to do. He had been determined to do something, but now that he was in position he realized how limited and absurdly inadequate his possibilities were. He had a small sword on the boat and he grabbed it, but thought it stood little chance. At least it may sting the dragon before he was eaten, he thought. He wondered too about talking to the dragon, using the animal speech skills the elves had taught him. Did elves talk to dragons, he wondered? How would one think like a dragon and put himself in the right frame of mind to communicate? He shuddered at the thought of picturing himself as a dragon, and trying to get into the mind of a creature that had just eaten a man.

The dragon swooped down again and this time Felanar spoke up, in a voice that chilled Chafrar.

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