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1: The Hero of the Lake - Part Five

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Their brother Alak had moved to a nearby cottage with his wife and child. He was a fisherman in his own right now. Felanar continued to work with Chafrar even though he could have gone off on his own before this. Frankly, he didn’t know what he should do. Since his childhood training began he had expected a call to serve the Regent, but the call never came. Whenever he asked Ravesfel the answer was always the same: “When it is time, you will be called, and not before.” Kara tried to encourage him and told him the day would come when he would be great, and she would join him in Tranith Argan, but there were days when it seemed that the life of a fisherman was all he would ever know.

Kara was the real puzzle to the townspeople. At twenty-three, she had been of an age to marry for several years, or so the village women said. By now people were beginning to wonder if she would ever find someone that suited her. “Thinks too much of herself,” they said of her. “Too busy with elves to notice men,” they thought. “Too busy with her books,” they scolded. Indeed, Kara cared little for the young men of the village. She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman, with long blond hair and deep brown eyes. But her intelligence did her in, for any local village lad who was drawn to her beauty was soon intimidated by her wit.

Kara herself claimed not to mind, saying that she was in no hurry to marry. Chafrar always felt this was the work of the elves, that being around them had taught her bad ways. It was fine enough for an elf to wait a hundred years to marry, but she wasn’t as long-lived as an elf. Sera always stepped in and defended her beloved daughter, who was so like herself. In her heart, however, she worried for Kara and hoped that her standards weren’t set too high for her to enjoy a normal life. Hadn’t she married Chafrar and had a happy life, she would ask her daughter? In her daughter’s response came affirmation, but in her daughter's eyes she could see otherwise and she knew that Kara would not soon settle for just any village boy.

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