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1: The Hero of the Lake - Part Fourteen

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The two remaining fishermen in the other boat rowed over and thanked Felanar profusely. They still had the remnants of fear in their eyes and their hands still shook. They had not even had Felanar’s initial determination to strengthen them. They knew only complete fear and hopelessness. Men did not survive dragon attacks easily. Yet that is what had just happened, and Felanar was the cause.

Both boats made their way back to shore. A crowd of villagers had formed, having seen the dragon in the distance. As the two spared fishermen disembarked onto the dock their families rushed up them. Their wives hung onto them as if for dear life, which indeed is what had just been won for them. The families on the dock had viewed with horror the dragon attack and they had been certain their husbands and fathers were lost.

Felanar and Chafrar climbed onto the dock, watching this touching scene. Felanar looked at the eyes of the young daughter of one of the men. It was full of tears of joy and fear and she was bawling with emotions, hanging onto the side of her father. Every time he shifted position from hugging his wife the daughter would quickly struggle to hang on even tighter with her small arms. It touched Felanar’s heart.

Then their family rushed up, Sera and Kara hugging Chafrar and Felanar respectively.

“Oh my darling, are you all right?” exclaimed Sera as she hung on to her husband.

“What on earth were you doing?” asked Kara to Felanar. “It looked almost as if you were waving a sword at that monster. Were you really that brave?”

Felanar pulled back slightly to look into his sister’s eyes and said with a look of relief, “Yes, I did pull a sword, though it was not from bravery.”

“From what, then?” she asked.

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