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1: The Hero of the Lake - Part Nine

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“Grab the oars, son!” Chafrar wrenched his eyes away from the beast. “Quick, for shore, hurry!” He also grabbed an oar and began paddling wildly. Felanar grabbed an oar, but even as he paddled he kept watching the dragon. He noticed with horror that it had stopped its circling pattern and seemed to hang in mid-air right above one boat. Time seemed to stand still for Felanar, with the dragon hovering, the men on that boat frozen in fear, and Chafrar yelling something at him that he dimly heard.

Then the dragon lifted its scaly head and let out a roar and with it a burst of flame and smoke. It dove, swooping down upon the stationary boat, with three men on board. One immediately dove over the side but the other two seemed immobilized. They, and Felanar, watched in horror as the dragon veered off away from the boat and plunged into the water, smoke hissing up along with a tremendous surging wave. The boat rocked wildly in response and was just settling back down when the dragon burst back up through the surface and flew into the air, with the poor fisherman in its mouth. He did not suffer long for with a great gulp the beast swallowed him down and then let out another massive roar.

“What are you staring at, boy! Row, I tell you!” Chafrar’s words finally registered on Felanar’s mind, distracting him from the scene of horror he had just witnessed. He turned to face his father. Felanar stared into Chafrar’s eyes, seeing the fear in his father’s face, the same fear he felt in the pit of his stomach. Yet he found he could not act on that fear. Something deep within was calling to him, pulling up blind courage where there had been fear before. Anger, too, welled up inside him. What happened to that poor fisherman was wrong, and something had to be done to help the others.

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