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1: The Hero of the Lake - Part Seven

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Felanar prepared the fishing nets as Chafrar cast off from the dock. The boat drifted across the lake along with several other fishing vessels beginning their day. Soon the dock had receded far into the distance. The only sounds were seagulls crying overhead and the lapping of the water on the boat. The men let out their net and waited, peacefully enjoying the day.

“Feels like it’s going to be an early winter.” Chafrar usually commented on the day’s weather and how it would affect things. “We’ve had a good year, though, so an early winter wouldn’t be bad. Give us a chance to get on with repairs.” He and Felanar began hauling back the net.

Felanar commented absentmindedly in response as he pulled up yard after yard of net. His mind was elsewhere. Weather concerns and chores around the home were not his interests. Today he thought of Kara, and wondered what would be a good life for her. She was so smart, and so skilled that a special life seemed in order. But what would that be, he wondered. Unlike Alak, Kara had continued to tag along on Felanar’s training all the years Bren taught him. She had practiced diligently and now could wield a bow or a sword or ax with the skill of a warrior. She was as good with the sword as he was, he thought with a half smile, maybe even better. Fine skills for the quiet wife of a village man! How unlike Alak’s quiet, unassuming wife, he thought.

His daydreaming was interrupted as they finished hauling the net back on board and started dealing with the flopping fish they had caught. The sun was now higher in the sky and the air was warmer. Felanar felt a drop of sweat on his brow as he sorted through the fish. Then he felt something else, something odd. It seemed as if a shadow had passed across the sun for a moment. He looked up in confusion, for he could see no cloud. Chafrar had felt it too and he stopped what he was doing and looked behind him to see the cause.

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