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1: The Hero of the Lake - Part Six

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Felanar had no hope for marriage whatsoever. Truly made an outsider by his long training and strange ways, most of the village girls were shy in his presence. Even the few that saw the handsome good looks, tall stature, and well-developed body had little chance. For Felanar always compared every woman he met with the elf maiden Alessa and the comparison was grossly unfair. It had been five years since his last visit to Elaria, but he remembered Alessa as if it were yesterday. They were just friends, of course, and nothing more than that. How could it be otherwise between a man and an elf? Still, seeing her beauty and skill and knowledge of the world and strength of character and intelligence and wisdom, how could a village girl compare to that? And those eyes, with that inner light and piercing gaze and sea-blue color! Felanar could not find her equal anywhere. Alessa was over forty now, as men count the years, yet still was as young in appearance as the day he first met her. She was fresher and more beautiful than the cream of the village daughters. None of them stood a chance.

The next day, as was their custom, Chafrar and Felanar rose before dawn and Kara and Sera prepared them a full breakfast. Then it was down to the boat and preparing the gear for another day of fishing. The early morning air was still cold with a hint of frost, but the sun would shine brightly and it would be a clear day for fishing. There were small fishing villages all around Lake Brindle, each one not much bigger than the one in which Felanar lived. Each village had a small dock to which were tied the fishing boats. Chafrar’s boat was typical for the region, about twenty feet in length and designed for a crew of two with one main sail in the center. It was painted a dark green, faded by sun and wind and peeling in a few places.

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