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1: The Hero of the Lake - Part Ten

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“No father, we must help!” Felanar’s face was a mixture of determination and fear. Sweat dripped down his forehead as his fists clenched. “We must do something, distract the dragon, or hurt it.”

Chafrar responded with amazement and fear. “Distract that beast? For what? To be killed yourself? You can’t hurt it. Row, I tell you!”

Every impulse in Felanar’s body told him to obey his father. His hand even went toward the oar, almost involuntarily. He could see the shoreline and supposed safety. It would be so easy to flee and let the dragon torment and kill those other men. So easy, just pick up the oar and begin rowing to safety. So easy to go on with his quiet life as if nothing had happened. After all, it wasn’t his family that was being disrupted and destroyed. It wasn’t his life that was being shred to ruins. All of this surged through Felanar’s mind in a single instant.

It was his mind that turned the corner. It was his mind that overruled the fear and rejected his instincts. It was his mind that thought of Alessa and the determination she showed against any who dared to harm animals. Were not these poor helpless fishermen worth as much care? Did not their families deserve an effort to help? Felanar could picture Alessa’s eyes turning deadly serious as the inner light within them blazed. In that moment his mind was set.

“I cannot, father. We will help, and we must try to do something. Jump overboard if you will not help, and I will help alone. But I will help!”

He said this with such a commanding voice, with such an unyielding look, that Chafrar merely stared in amazement and stopped rowing toward shore. Felanar turned the sail and the boat swung around. The dragon was still circling lazily over the plundered boat, as if still enjoying the fruits of its fishing expedition. Puffs of smoke escaped its mouth and nostrils as it seemed to be making a humming sound, pleased with the events of the day. It didn’t seem to notice Felanar and Chafrar as they drew closer.

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