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1: The Hero of the Lake - Part Three

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Felanar drank the last of his mug and brother and sister rose from the table. As they left the inn, Jalek’s wife waved at them and came puffing over. Like her husband, she was a cheerful person, with full cheeks and a hefty body that was always in motion. She put down a tray and walked out with the two of them into the night air.

“Ah, must you leave so soon, Felanar? ‘Tis a shame and a scandal the way your brother treats you, it is. He has no mind for family that one, even his own flesh and blood sitting at home while he roars at the jokes and gets drunk. Mind you, we can’t complain about the business, to be sure, but we could do with a little more of yours and a little less of his, if you catch my meaning.”

Having said this in one breath, she paused and her rosy cheeks puffed in and out while she wiped her hands on her apron. Strategically using the moment, Kara jumped in quickly.

“Thank you, Namil. You have always been kind to us both and we do not forget it. But it is getting late and Felanar is up at dawn and I have some reading I wish to do as well, so it’s best for us to be heading home.”

“Aye, and a good home you have too,” Namil responded, ”though it would do my heart good to see you married, and with children of your own. Jalek, I always tell him, Jalek I say, when are we going to have babies of our own? And you know what he tells me? I’ll tell you, he says when he can find the time to put down his trays and people stop yelling for ale then he might. But, he always says, who would mind the inn while you’re caring for the little ones? And that’s how he goes on and we never get to talking about it serious. Oh, and here I am jabbering away at you, and I’ve got to bring supper to the stable boys. Oh, my mind is going, I’m telling you!”

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