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1: The Hero of the Lake - Part Two

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Beginning at age twelve, just a few months after his first visit to Elaria, the island home of the elves, Felanar had indeed begun to fish with his father and brother. Before his exposure to the elves, Felanar’s dream was to become a fisherman. Upon achieving his dream, however, he came to the realization that it was not what he desired after all. Oh, he enjoyed being with his father, and he enjoyed the fishing life. But after his training, and the wonders he had seen among the elves, fishing was not the exciting life as he had imagined. His horizons had been broadened.

This training, and the rumors about his visits to the elves had caused a division between Felanar and Kara and the villagers. Over the years people had begun to talk. Five years after Bren, his trainer from Tranith Argan, was last seen in the village, and seven after Ravesfel was last spotted, people still eyed Felanar and his sister with some suspicion. Nothing was ever said to them directly, of course. Just whispers behind their backs, and knowing glances as they walked down the village streets. There was nothing wrong with having High Men as your friends. Still, it was a bit unusual.

The friends they had made as children had grown up and settled into village life, so brother and sister had grown closer to each other. Even their older brother Alak had drifted apart from them after his marriage to the blacksmith’s daughter. They now had a young baby boy, and family came first. That was the excuse he used for not visiting more frequently. But evidently family didn’t come first every night, for there was Alak, drinking at a table near the fireplace with his friends while his wife was at home caring for their infant son. Despite Alak’s proximity to his siblings in the same common room, he barely acknowledged their presence. There was no overt animosity between them, just distance. As the years passed, Alak grew tired of competing with Felanar in the training (which wasn’t meant for Alak in the first place – a sore point with him still after all these years), and losing every time, and so he gradually increased the distance between them. Kara, her loyalties torn, sided with the brother who understood her best.

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