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2: A Stranger at the Festival - Part Eight

Further reflection was cut short by Alak’s voice. “What did he want with you? You’re too young to be of any use to the Regent.”

“No, he’s not,” said Kara.

“What would you know?” snapped Alak back at her.

Felanar responded, “Honest, Alak, I never met him before! I don’t know why he said those things.”

“Low Men don’t serve the Regent anyway. Except for catching fish for him, or farming for him.” Alak paused a moment and then addressed his little brother with “Besides, I could shoot a bow and arrow better than you, I bet.”

“But I can beat you at racing,” cried Felanar as he flew down the field in the direction of his parents, who were now at a far-off stall talking with some friends. Alak followed after his younger brother as fast as he could, but by the time the parents were reached it was Felanar who had again won the race.

As the boys caught their breath, Alak blurted out, “Father, guess who spoke to us! It was Ravesfel!”

With a sudden sharp glance at Chafrar, and with concern in her voice, Sera responded, “Ravesfel spoke to you? Whatever did he want with you? I hope you boys weren’t causing trouble.”

“No, mother,” said Felanar. “We didn’t do anything. Honest!”

Chafrar looked carefully into Felanar’s face to see if he could catch any deceit, and then said, “All right, son, I believe you didn’t do anything wrong. Still, Ravesfel spoke to you, and such a man as that doesn’t take notice of those like us for no reason. Tell me what he said to you and don’t leave anything out. Do you understand?”

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