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2: A Stranger at the Festival - Part Eleven

That night, with the children asleep, the parents discussed the day’s events.

“Chafrar, what do you make of Ravesfel’s offer? Do you think he means what he says, or do you believe it was merely talk?”

“I can’t rightly say, love. He’s an odd man, that he is. We know he means well, and he’s been good to us; don’t misunderstand. But he’s a curious one, he is, and I don’t like it when he takes an interest in my boy.”

Sera looked at him and said tentatively, “He has every right to take an interest, don’t you think?”

Chafrar looked at her harshly and then softened his glance and nodded. “I know, love, I know. He has the right, I can’t say otherwise, though I would if I could, if you get my meaning. We have a nice life for Felanar here, a good and decent life for him. One with a future. The fishing business is doing well and I’ll be using him soon, and giving him a trade. I don’t see what he wants with all this High Man foolishness. Something bad is going to come of it, you mark my words!”

Sera quickly glanced over at the children’s bedrooms as if her husband’s rising tone might have disturbed their sleep. She looked back at him now and said, “We don’t know what he wants, dear. It may be as he said, for whatever purpose that may be. Or it may be as you told the boy earlier and not amount to anything at that. Let’s wait and see what may come of this and not be hasty.” She paused and looked at the fire. “Besides, we know nothing but good of Ravesfel. He may be odd at times, but that’s his own business, isn’t it? He’s never done us any harm and he did us a wonderful turn once. Let’s just wait and see.”

Chafrar looked at his wife and smiled. He drew the last of the ale and placed the mug down.

“You’re a sensible one, love. I’ve said it before, I have. You’re probably right and I’m too dense to know it. I just love the boy and want what’s right.”

“I know you do, dearest. You’ve been a good father for Felanar, and you should be proud of it. I’m proud of you, at any rate.” She smiled as she said this, stood up and took his empty mug and went into the kitchen to clear the rest of the dinner dishes. Chafrar rose slowly from his seat and headed into the bedroom.

That night Felanar had splendid dreams of adventures in which his skills with the bow and sword proved most handy.

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