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2: A Stranger at the Festival - Part Nine

"Yes, father," Felanar nodded. "I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was pretending to be an archer in the contest and Ravesfel asked me if I wanted to serve the regent."

"He said you had to do better than that to serve the regent," interrupted Alak.

"Yes, but he said he would train me," shot back Felanar. "And he asked me if I would be a good pupil, and I said I would and I meant it too."

"Not as good as I will be," said Alak, "which is why he made you promise to be diligent, and not me. He knows I will do well."

"He didn't say anything about you, Alak," said Felanar with annoyance. "He said I was going to be trained and serve the regent, not you."

“Enough!” cried Chafrar. “I asked Felanar, not you, Alak.” He paused for a moment, glanced over at his wife, and then continued.

“Well, it may be nothing at that, son,” said Chafrar, forcing a smile. “I’ll warrant he was just having a little fun with a gullible young boy. Mark my words, we’ll not see his face any time soon. Now then, help your mother with her bundles. We have a long walk home and it’s time we were going.”

Felanar found the whole experience confusing from beginning to end. Maybe he was expecting too much to think he was going to get such training. Maybe his father was right. That thought made him depressed. Finally a chance to do something Alak hadn’t done before him, and now it sounded as unrealistic as he'd first thought. He took the basket of food that his mother handed him and the family crossed the field to get back onto the main road.

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