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2: A Stranger at the Festival - Part One

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

It was fifteen years prior to the dragon attack that Felanar, then a boy of ten, met Ravesfel, and with that introduction came a new direction to his life. It was an autumn day in Brindledown and the town was celebrating its annual Harvest Festival. Felanar, his older brother Alak, and his younger sister Kara ran ahead of their parents through the woods and into town. The Harvest Festival was one of the rare times they got to see anything out of the ordinary in their little village.

Brindledown lay at the end of the Old Highway coming down from the north at Larmoth Bay. Tranith Argan, the capital city of the land of Arenar was situated in the Lofty Mountains to the east of Larmoth Bay, and the Old Highway was the only way through western Arenar. Most of the population of Arenar lived east of the Lofty Mountains in the Golden Lakes district around Delendor. West of the Lofty Mountains was now mostly wilderness until you got to the southern region around Lake Brindle. Indeed it was now said that very few walked the Old Highway north from Brindledown and most folk would not travel along it now unless necessity forced it upon them.

Brindledown was framed on either side by Lake Brindle and the Heatherwood. Unlike the small villages on the western side of the lake, Brindledown at least held some importance by being at the end of the Old Highway. In the days of the king, long ago, traffic and trade were steady between Tranith Argan and the lake region, and Brindledown was the hub. Upton, Middleton, and Brookhollow, to the west of the lake, were never considered traveler destinations even in the busiest of times, and now they lay nearly isolated amidst the wilderness. Brindledown, though much less busy than in earlier days, still was viewed as central to the region and still hosted the occasional visitor from the northern towns and regions.

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