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2: A Stranger at the Festival - Part Two

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Brindledown was primarily a fishing village but it also served as a trading center. Local farmers, herders and fishermen came to Brindledown to trade for items they could not grow or catch themselves. It also served as the trading center for Upton and Middleton and especially Brookhollow. As a result, although the entire region was generally regarded as Low country by outsiders, within the region it was viewed that Brindledown was significant.

Residents of Brookhollow gave that opinion grudgingly, but they could hardly deny the fact that High Men were seen in Brindledown but almost never in their little village. The Harvest Festival was just such an occasion when High Men from the north might be seen in the town.

Felanar ran along the bend of the path and headed into town. He was dressed in his play clothes, rough and earthy in tone, complementing his green eyes. His dark brown hair was tousled from running. He was tall for his age, a fact often noted by his older brother Alak, who was even now running behind him trying to catch up. Alak may have been a couple of years older, but his legs were not as long as his younger brother’s and it was beginning to bother him how often he lost these races. Kara ran after both her older brothers and, having long legs herself, could almost keep up with Alak. Chafrar and Sera strolled behind the children as they made their way past the workshops and homes of the village along the wide lane through the center of town. On the far side of Brindledown lay the village green which served as the market and meeting place for the villagers.

Most of the villagers were already on the green that morning. The usual shopping stalls had been replaced by new ones displaying a greater assortment of food and other items. Various games had been set up. Some, such as scavenger hunts, were for children, and others like the archery range, for adults. Many villagers seemed just to enjoy sampling the various food vendors, finding satisfaction in the hunt for some treat brought out for the occasion.

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