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3: Serving the Regent - Part Eight

Bren looked at the father seriously. “I assure you, it was no joke.” He hesitated a moment, then continued, “But as to the reasons for it, it is not something I have been told. Indeed, I find that I am to stay nearby at the far outpost at the base of the Lofty Mountains and no longer at the palace. I know I am to provide training for Felanar of a kind that even Knights do not receive. I have been told to lie low in your village, and not talk casually of my duties. Yet Ravesfel has told me little about the reasons for an event that will change my life. And the life of your boy here.”

Again he paused, and with a far-off look stared at the fire. He seemed to be weighing two thoughts against each other. Then he sighed and said, turning back to face Chafrar, “I have known Ravesfel my entire life. He has advised the Regent, faithfully and true, as he did the Regent before him and the one before that. I’ve not known him to be anything but trustworthy and wise. I am a man of duty and would take on this assignment whether or not I thought it had merit. Ravesfel’s words, though, always have merit, even if you cannot perceive it at the time.”

He smiled and said “It is not for nothing that he has advised the Regents for generations. He has learned much and has much wisdom to impart. In short, I trust him and will do as I am asked. What say you? Will you grant the same to Felanar?”

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