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3: Serving the Regent - Part Eighteen

As summer came, there was a day when Bren spoke privately with Chafrar and Sera after a day of training. Afterward he called Felanar over and said to him, “We will not train next week, Felanar, but the following week I will be back and this time Ravesfel will accompany me.”

“Ravesfel!” exclaimed Felanar. “Is he coming to see how much I’ve learned?”

Bren smiled and responded, “Actually he knows of your progress for I’ve sent word to him. He is pleased by what he has heard and he wants to take you to Elaria.”

“Elaria!” cried Felanar as he looked up in wonder. “Are we really going to see the elves?”

“Yes, Felanar, we are going to visit the Findára. Ravesfel thinks you should meet them to learn their ways. I’ve already spoken with your parents and they have granted permission for you to be away for a few weeks.”

“Can I come too?” asked Kara.

Bren turned toward her and said, “No, I’m sorry Kara, but this trip is just for Felanar, I’m afraid.”

Alak and Kara looked very disappointed, Kara more so for she and Felanar had long talked about meeting elves, and now he was going to do it without her. Felanar also felt disappointed that Kara would not be with him when he finally met elves, but his disappointment was tempered by the excitement – and trepidation – of what was to come. A few weeks with Ravesfel! He hadn’t seen the old man in almost a year, since that conversation they had had that led to the training. Would he be pleased with his progress? Would he bring a halt to his training if he hadn’t done as well as he should have?

When Bren departed the next morning, he left behind a house full of excited persons. The next two weeks were going to be an anxious time for Felanar. He was going to meet elves!

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