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3: Serving the Regent - Part Eleven

His thoughts were interrupted by Kara’s announcing dinner and they all sat down to eat. Sera wondered what sorts of delicacies were served at the Palace, and how Bren might react to her rustic fare. Any concerns were allayed by Bren’s obvious enjoyment of the bread, stew and vegetables. He seemed to be particularly taken with their home-brewed beer and remarked several times on its flavor. Bren had a way of putting people at ease, regardless of circumstance, and by the end of the meal the family had warmed to their guest and were becoming less overawed by his high station.

After supper Bren graciously accepted their offer of a bed for the night and said that he would be off before the dawn. The training would not begin for a couple of weeks and he had other duties to carry out. For one thing, he needed to report to the outpost where he would be staying. In addition, he had Palace business to attend to in Brookhollow and Upton. When asked what he was to do in those villages, he would not say other than it was a matter that Ravesfel has asked him to look into.

That night each member of the family had much to think about as they lay in bed. Chafrar and Sera spoke in low tones about their concerns. Sera tried to soothe Chafrar, reasoning that Ravesfel had always been honest and good with them, the few times they had dealings with him.

Kara had a very hard time getting to sleep. She was tremendously excited by all that had occurred. Even having a High Man staying under the same roof was newsworthy and she had said she wanted to tell all her friends about this – but was sharply warned by her parents not to say a word. Still, it was exciting and they couldn’t deny it. Just before bed she had gone over to Felanar and looked up at him, her eyes wide open and said, “You’re going to be in the Palace one day! I’m going to join you there. I’m going to serve the Regent too!”

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