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3: Serving the Regent - Part Fifteen

“I know you do, Felanar,” Bren responded, looking down at the boy. “But if you are going to learn how to shoot properly you must start with a proper bow. Are your bows of elven origin?”

“No,” said Alak, “Huti made them. He lives in the village and has made bows for years – and his father before him.”

“I have no doubt Huti is a skilled artisan, Alak, but he is not an elf or else I’ve been misinformed about the inhabitants of your village! Felanar is to learn with this bow, for an elven master made it. The Llaráin Findára have a skill at this that is unsurpassed.”

Felanar looked at the bow in his hand with some wonder. He had never touched anything elven before. The bow was made of a light tan wood, one that he could not identify. It was very light – almost without weight – yet it seemed to have great strength when he pulled back the string.

Bren found a decaying tree stump and set up a target on top of it. He came back and showed Felanar how to hold the bow and how to stand, Alak and Kara imitating what they saw.

The first few shots attempts were off the mark. Bren kept giving Felanar slight adjustments to make and soon his shots were improving, though Alak and Kara still had many problems. Finally, after Felanar actually hit the target close to the center and Alak had yet to hit it at all, Alak complained.

Bren turned to him and said, “Do not take it personally, Alak, for it is the bow that makes the difference until one becomes very skilled. Did I not say a Findára bow is the one to use?”

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