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3: Serving the Regent - Part Five

Removing his wide-brimmed hat and seeing the hesitation on Sera’s face, he again bowed politely said in a even tone, “Good day, lady. I am Bren and I come from the palace. I seek a young man whom I would guess to be your son – assuming that you are Sera and that I have the correct house.” His right eyebrow rose even higher and he smiled.

“Yes,” replied Sera, overwhelmed. “Oh dear, please do come in. Yes, I’m Sera. Forgive my manners, please come in.” She looked anxious as the man walked confidently into her house. Felanar’s words with Ravesfel came back to her mind now, and she realized that Bren had come for Felanar. Remembering this made her felt less ill at ease.

“Please, sir, allow me to attend to your needs. You must be hungry after your journey. Is your horse cared for?”

“I thank you, Sera, and yes, I’ve seen to my horse. However, some refreshment for me would be most welcome. As you know, it is eighty leagues between here and Tranith Argan and I have been riding for the better part of this week.”

Sera went into the kitchen and grabbed some small cakes and a mug of ale for this noble guest. He was obviously a High Man of some rank – here in her house! – and yet he wasn’t acting in a haughty manner, as she had been taught was their way with Low Men. “Still,” she told herself sensibly, “I’ve not had dealings with any High Man, and I don’t really know. This one seems polite enough.”

While he was eating and drinking, Sera went out to the garden and brought the children back with her. Felanar entered the house and paused when he saw Bren, who, as he heard the children enter, turned to look at them, his eyes coming to rest on the boy.

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