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3: Serving the Regent - Part Four

At sundown the fishermen would return to the dock with their daily catch. The men would haul the nets ashore to dry and repair them and sort out the fish for sale. Fish dealers from Brindledown met the boats at the docks and bought the bulk of the catch. The rest served as food for the families of the fishermen. By the time it was dark Chafrar and Alak would be home cleaning up after their day. Felanar always asked how the day had gone and his father would tell him of the weather, or some unusual fish they had caught, or some other tidbit of news. Alak would excitedly fill in the details.

This was the pattern that filled the days after the Harvest Festival. Felanar had not forgotten Ravesfel’s words, but as each day passed the memory seemed increasingly unlikely to come to pass. Late one afternoon, as Felanar was helping his sister weed the garden, and he was thinking he would never be trained to serve the Regent, a man approached the house. Sera swung open the wooden door and saw a tall stranger. He seemed to have aristocratic bearing. His dark brown hair swept neatly back from his face, revealing eyes that gleamed confidently. His right eyebrow seemed slightly higher than his left, giving him a friendly but quizzical look. Sera noticed with some feeling of discomfort that his clothing was made of fine material but seemed more suited to outdoor use. Clearly, this was a High Man. But what could he want?

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