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3: Serving the Regent - Part Fourteen

To cope with the situation, royal outposts were established along the line of the Royal Highway, and the marauder threat was lessened. At the height of the Regency, three outposts were set up along the west face of the Lofty Mountains, protecting those who traveled the Old Highway. It was at the southernmost such outpost where Bren was to live for a time. The Regency was not at its height anymore, and the Lofty Mountain outposts were mostly in disarray now. The southernmost one was still manned, but once you passed it heading north you were on your own until you got near Brinham. For the most part it was still safe to travel the Old Highway but many hesitated now and most agreed that it was no fit place for honest men after dark.

In the morning training began. Bren and Felanar started off toward the forest, with Alak following quickly behind. Kara looked up at Sera with imploring eyes and Sera called out, “May Kara join you, Bren?”

Bren turned back and said with a smile and a sweeping gesture with his arms, “Yes, of course she may. Come along Kara, the woods are waiting!”

Kara ran up beside Felanar and put her hand in his and together they walked into the nearby woods, Alak carrying three bows their father had pulled from the shed. These were bows that Chafrar and Sera had used when they were younger. Bren also carried bows, one long and slender and the other shorter but newer. When they reached a clearing in the woods they stopped and Bren dropped his pack. He presented the new, small bow to Felanar, who took it with hesitation while saying, “I have a bow to use.”

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