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3: Serving the Regent - Part Nine

Chafrar chewed his lower lip and looked at the floor, but answered slowly and calmly, “I do not defy the Regent or any of his representatives. If it is asked that my boy receive training, then I will not stand in the way. I see no sense in it myself, for what is the point? You say you don’t know, and as sure I am standing here, I cannot know. I am going to train him to be a fisherman, and I hope this training of yours won’t interfere with his learning a sensible trade like that.”

Bren let the implied insult pass by and responded, “Fear not, he will learn to fish. I ask for a day a week for training, and some time for him to practice on his own. I do not know how long his training will take for much depends upon his diligence. We are aware of your customs, though, and it is for this reason that Ravesfel wanted to begin at once. By his twelfth birthday I would hope he would have a lot of the training accomplished and we could continue the process in a manner that would not interfere too much with your work. Indeed, I will be returning to Tranith Argan after a time, and will carry on the training on a sporadic basis after that. Much will depend on Felanar practicing what he is taught.”

“What about me?” finally asked Alak, unable to hold back anymore.

Bren turned to him with surprise and said, “I’ve been told nothing of your training, young master Alak.” Alak’s face dropped, and Bren took on a softer tone as he continued, “I see no harm in your joining us. Assuming, of course, that your father does not object. I must warn you, however, that you must learn by watching, as I will not have time to spend with you. My task is with Felanar, not with you.”

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