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3: Serving the Regent - Part Seven

But why am I to be trained?” he finally said. “Why me?” This was a question that had been weighing on him ever since the Festival.

Bren looked at him steadily. “Didn’t you tell Ravesfel you would like to learn these things – and be diligent about it besides? Didn’t you tell him you would like to be a servant of the Regent?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, then, here I am! Bren, at your service! I am here to teach you all of these things. Ravesfel has told me I am to journey here regularly until you have surpassed even my own skills. That means you will have to be very diligent indeed!”

Further questions were temporarily cut short with the arrival of Chafrar and Alak, smelling of fish and full of curiosity as to the strange horse out front. Sera rushed forward to explain. Felanar looked anxiously at his father to see how he took the news. He knew that his mother would be excited at this new prospect, but his father was more likely to be cautious. Indeed, Chafrar seemed distant to Bren as he was introduced. Alak, of course, was as excited as Felanar, still assuming he was going to take part in this training as well.

“What might be the interest in my boy?” Chafrar asked Bren with a frown as he eased himself into his usual seat by the fire. “I’ve heard what the old man said, but it seemed like a joke to be played on a child and not a real offer.”

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