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3: Serving the Regent - Part Seventeen

Before retiring for bed Bren said he would return the following week and continue to work on archery skills. In the meantime, he wanted Felanar to practice what he had learned as often as he was able. Bren looked over at the parents and could see no objection. Soon they were all asleep, with Felanar sleeping more soundly than he had done in several weeks.

Once again, when dawn came Bren was off and by the time the family stirred he was well on his way through the woods.

The following week the pattern continued. All three children wanted to show Bren how skilled they had become from practicing, and Felanar showed the most improvement. Bren showed them new techniques for archery in the morning, and in the afternoon he trained them on how to survive in the wilderness. Living by the woods, they were no strangers about which roots and plants were edible and nutritious, but Bren knew more than they had even heard of and had much to teach them.

The weekly training continued though winter and into the spring. The activities varied, from hunting to archery to proper use of a knife to tracking prey through various conditions. Alak usually accompanied them, but as time went on he lost some of his interest for he never could surpass Felanar at anything and this bothered him. Kara did not have that problem, and clearly loved accompanying her brother. She was serious about serving the Regent someday and applied herself to the training. To his surprise, Bren realized that Kara too had real ability, and he began to take time to give her some direct encouragement and tips. That pleased Kara greatly and she redoubled her efforts.

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