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3: Serving the Regent - Part Six

“You must be young master Felanar,” he said with a smile. Felanar turned red and nodded silently in reply. The man by the fire continued, “My name is Bren and I have been sent from the palace.”

“From Tranith Argan?” His shyness dissolved in a wave of excitement.

“Naturally from Tranith Argan – or did you think I was sent by the elves?”

Felanar, looking anxiously at Bren, asked, “Do you know a man named Ravesfel? Did he send you?”

“Do you know elves?” interrupted Kara before Bren could answer. Talk of the palace was one thing, but news of elves was far more important to her.

“Yes, I know elves,” Bren laughed as he answered both excited children’s questions at once, “though not many. And yes, of course I know Ravesfel, Felanar, and yes, he sent me. Ravesfel is an old man who loves to tell stories and eat good food. But he is also a man who keeps his promises, and he expects no less of those who would be trained.”

Felanar couldn’t believe any of this was happening. It wasn’t a dream, it was reality; he was going to be trained to be a servant of the Regent! “Am I really going to be taught to use a sword?”

Bren looked serious. “Yes, Felanar – to strike fear into the heart of your enemy and to make the maidens of your village swoon in delight. You will learn to shoot an arrow that flies straight and true to its target. You will know how to find your way through any woods and swim any river – to ride a horse as if your life depended on it.” He paused for effect. “For you never know, one day it might!” He winked as he said this, and made a friendly smile.

Felanar liked the part about the swooning maiden, but wasn’t sure about his life depending on these skills. What was he getting into?

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