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3: Serving the Regent - Part Sixteen

Alak looked at him quizzically. Bren continued, “The wood the elves use is of a special type, from the awlip tree. A bow made from it will suit the archer who uses it. It will mold itself to his hands and arms, compensating for mistakes made. It is very important that no one use this bow after Felanar gets it just right. If anyone else uses it, it will begin to form a new shape and will cause Felanar trouble.”

Alak’s face reddened at this last part, for he had indeed been thinking that he would switch bows with Felanar so that he could try an elven bow. He looked back guiltily at Bren, and Bren gave him a reassuring smile, though his eyes clearly told Alak he was serious.

They spent the morning practicing archery and then enjoyed a lunch from Bren’s pack. In the afternoon Bren began to show Felanar how to travel through the woods in silence.

Throughout the afternoon the children tried to imitate Bren’s steps as he made his way around twigs and leaves. They enjoyed the challenge, thought it was clear still had much to learn.

Back home again, as afternoon faded, they talked about their new skills with their parents. Alak boasted less, for it was beginning to dawn on him that he might not be impressing Bren as much as he had wished.

That night by the fire Bren complimented the children, and told Felanar that Ravesfel would have been proud of his first day of training. Felanar beamed at this news and looked down at his new bow. He didn’t want to put it down.

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