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3: Serving the Regent - Part Ten

Alak felt both elated and disappointed at this news, for it was true, then, the training really was for Felanar alone. He did not know why and he could not know why, for even the adults didn’t seem to know. Still he could join in, and that in itself was exciting enough.

Sera got up and began preparing supper for the family and their guest. Felanar and Alak sat in front of the seated Bren and asked many questions about the training. Kara helped her mother with the preparations, but also kept a keen ear toward what Bren was saying. She was too shy to say anything, but she intended to learn from her big brothers.

Chafrar just sat there staring at the fire and listening to Bren’s words to his son. He thought of the meaning of this event. It was not unknown for young boys to be trained by emissaries of the Palace. The Regent always had need of skilled young men to serve him. It was not very common, though, for a boy of the Low Men, especially under these circumstances. Bren said he was under orders to remain inconspicuous, if possible. He could understand the concern, for a High Man appearing on a regular basis would certainly cause much talk in the village. Their cottage on the outskirts of Heatherwood was away from most other homes and isolated by tree and hill. But it wasn’t so isolated that a High Man showing up on horseback weekly would not be noticed.

He thought of Ravesfel and his role in all of this. Chafrar could guess at the meaning of his involvement, and had a dim idea that this was going to lead to pain in the future. It had been a long time since he had spoken with Ravesfel. It would be good to have another discussion.

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