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3: Serving the Regent - Part Three

A Brindledown fisherman said he had once sailed all the way to the Cove of the Dwarves and he described it as being the entranceway to a land of riches and jewels. Some said such days had faded and that even if the jewels existed, they were remnants of an ancient age. There was no denying the skills of the dwarves in carving out from the earth great beauties and dazzling objects. One could see evidence of their handiwork in the Tranith cities, it was said. But since few Low Men could claim to have actually seen it themselves, it remained just a rumor.

Felanar wanted to know of the men of the Western lands, and of the Tri-Cities with their vicious warriors. Also of the dragons of legend with their fire-breathing destruction. Mostly, though, the boy’s yearning for knowledge centered on the elves. When Elaria, the home of the elves, was discussed, both Felanar and Kara grew very interested. “Do you think we’ll ever see an elf?” she would ask her brother. “Yes,” he always replied, “we will. I promise you, we will.” His imagination on fire, he would pester his mother for more details about Elaria. Poor Sera had only a limited knowledge of elves, and, too often to please her children, would say, “I just don’t know.” What little knowledge they had about elves came from books written by men, or talk that had been handed down from parent to child. Was this knowledge accurate? Sera could not say.

After lessons, there was work to be done around the house and gardens. This was Felanar’s least favorite activity and the moment when he most yearned to be a fisherman. He gamely did what was asked of him, though Sera found it best at times to assign different chores to the children. Sometimes, as they did their chores, she would find them trading stories of elves instead of working.

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