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3: Serving the Regent - Part Twelve

Alak felt numb, pondering how a situation could change so quickly. It was bad enough that Felanar had surpassed him in height and swiftness. At least he had his fishing training and age to hold over his younger brother, but now even that seemed insignificant. Training from the Palace, and specifically for Felanar! As with Kara, he was excited by this turn of events, but he also experienced a sick feeling of envy. Still, he told himself, he could join in the training and could learn from Bren. No doubt his age would help him to learn faster than Felanar and then Bren would see who was the more worthy!

Felanar lay in bed trying to sleep. He thought about Bren and wondered if he would ever be like him. Tall and aristocratic, happy and relaxed, at ease and in control of every situation. Would he serve at the Palace, he wondered? That was too much to expect, but if he did well in his training he hoped to prove his worth to Ravesfel, that mysterious old man at the Festival.

As he drifted off to sleep, he fell into a dream. He was sailing on Lake Brindle, fishing nets in hand, on a beautifully sunny, warm day. He felt content as a fisherman, enjoying the sound of the water lapping against the boat. Suddenly the sky turned black as a storm approached. Yet it wasn’t a storm at all, but a black shadow passing in front of the sun. A feeling of dread came over him and he looked wildly about for help. In the distance he saw Bren walking casually along the shore. Felanar cried out for help but Bren was preoccupied with Ravesfel, who was also walking. The two men were laughing and didn’t hear him crying out. Then the shadow lifted, a scream echoed in the distance and Felanar woke with a start.

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