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3: Serving the Regent - Part Two

Felanar, though yearning to be a fisherman like his older brother, actually hungered for a wider knowledge. He would continually pester Sera for a greater understanding of things. He wanted to know about High Men and why they were different from Low Men. Occasionally one could see High Men in the village, but mostly they kept to themselves. He was curious about the Tranith cities and the great dwelling places there. The children in the village had heard that High Men lived in the clouds and came down to land only when they had necessary business. Sera tried to explain the truth about that, and what it meant to have a city built high in the mountains, but the fantasy was too strong to erase completely. Probably their mother had reasons to hide the truth from them, they thought, but certainly High Men must dwell in the clouds.

Felanar asked about the dwarves who lived far to the east in Khrea and the Iron Mountains. Occasionally one could see a solitary dwarf stumping along the Old Highway, probably returning from the ancient Korhana Mine. They too kept to themselves, so it was hard to know what was happening among their kind. Rumor spoke of their past, and how they used to range all over the Lofty Mountains, until the Troubling Days came. Now they lived in a far off land and little news came from there. The Royal Highway crossing the vast Plain of Talenar wasn’t maintained as in the days of the Kings, and it was dangerous to make your way across that distance. It was rare for a dwarf to feel the need to do so now.

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