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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Eight

It was not quite dusk when they approached the outskirts of Middleton, but Ravesfel decided to press on to Upton and so they rode right through the small village and kept going. An hour after passing Middleton it became dark, but the moon was nearing full and they could follow the road that stretched between Middleton and Upton. After three more hours of riding, they finally saw the twinkling lights of Upton in the distance.

They followed the road into the little coastal village with its weathered houses. Indeed, the wind had risen as they approached the coast, and Felanar could smell the sea air. It stirred his spirits despite his exhaustion. He looked at the homes and shops that lined the cobblestoned street. There were lamps burning in the upper windows of the homes, but not many other indications of life. Upton was very small, and very remote. There was no reason to be here unless you lived here or were heading out to sea and passed through on your way, and the town displayed all the charm of that sentiment. Felanar noted that the houses weren’t as nice as they were in Brindledown and he wondered if it was because the people here didn’t care about such things as much.

They stopped in front of a small inn on the far edge of town, in sight of the water’s edge. It was a cheerless little inn, with dilapidated shutters on the windows, one lazily swinging in the breeze and making an occasional smacking sound against the wall. The windows were grimy and salty, with lamplight dimly seen from within. The hitching post in the front was falling apart but it served its purpose enough for them to tie up the horses.

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