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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Eighteen

The next morning was overcast, and the air was damp. They rose and had some nuts and more cheese for breakfast. Then they packed up their supplies and followed Ravesfel into the nearby woods. As they walked along the thick undergrowth Felanar asked Ravesfel, “Where are we going? Are we near Elaria?”

“No, we are some way off yet. At the moment we are going to meet a friend who will aid us on our journey.”

And they soon did. Coming into a slight clearing, they saw a fair-skinned, slender young man atop a noble-looking horse. With him were three other horses, without riders yet wearing saddles. To Felanar this new man looked interesting. He looked different from Bren, though he couldn’t figure in what way. He assumed he was another High Man, a friend who had been summoned to help, yet he was unlike any High Man Felanar had seen. It wasn’t just that he had blond hair and Bren had brown. Nor was it his slenderness in contrast to Bren’s well-built physique. Felanar finally decided that it was his eyes that were different. Even when he stared directly at you, he seemed to be looking right through you, as if his mind were elsewhere. It was an interesting, if unnerving, effect. It almost seemed as if there was a light in his eyes, though perhaps it was just the daylight peeking through the trees.

Ravesfel, who had greeted the stranger, turned to Felanar and said, “This is Llafáris. He has come in answer to our request. He is of the Llaráin Findára.”

An elf! Felanar looked at Llafáris with wonder. It was the first elf he had ever seen. He greeted the elf shyly. Llafáris smiled down to him and said, “Welcome to the land of the west, young master. Fear not, though. Elaria is far nicer than the woods that surround you now. When you see Lloréna Forest, nothing else will ever satisfy your hunger for trees.”

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