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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Fifteen

Bren, who up till now had been quietly steering the ship, began to sing softly to himself. At first he merely hummed a few simple tunes, snippets of this and that snatched from his memory. But then he announced a song, one called Malkíra, and he began to sing.

When Malkíra was a mere young lad,

He went away to sea.

To search for the land of Akira

And for the fabled tree.

Malkíra searched both high and low

Even the whole land round,

He went as far as the cove of doves

And heard their plaintive sounds.

Down dales, through streams, in forests old

And over hills he fought,

Yet never closer to the goal

That all the wise men sought.

Finally on a summer’s eve

He came across a man

White and wizened with his age.

Before him he would stand.

“Tell me, old man,” Malkíra asked

“For it truly now seems

I cannot find the fabled tree,

The tree that gives men dreams.”

The old man stared and shook his head

And seemed to shed a tear

And when he spoke, all that he said

Confirmed Malkíra’s fear.

“The tree is for those who seek it not,

who never search for dreams.

It comes to them when they need it most,

Though never what it seems.”

Malkíra sighed and turned away

And traveled to his home.

Though all his life he wished for dreams

For the tree he would not roam.

When Bren finished, Felanar asked, “Was that true? Was Malkíra a real person?”

Bren smiled and said, “It depends on your dreams, doesn’t it?”

Felanar felt confused by that answer but all Bren would add is that Felanar should ask an elf.

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