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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Five

The three travelers headed north and west, skirting the eastern edge of Lake Brindle. They were making for Upton eventually, that little village at land’s end by the Straits, but this was a journey of at least two days on horseback. That night would be spent outdoors and then perhaps they could make Upton the next day. At least they would reach Middleton after crossing the King’s Bridge over the estuary that fed the vast lake. It was possible to travel the other way: south and then west, thus eliminating the need to cross the bridge, but it was a much longer journey.

They rode in silence at first, trying to make good time and riding (at least in Felanar’s view) very hard. The land they were riding through was mostly grassy and soft, with occasional houses interrupting the fields. They rode near Brindledown but did not actually take the road into town, instead they rode along a grassy plain on its outskirts. Felanar looked at the houses and shops of the village and thought he could make out the Slumbering Dragon but couldn’t be sure if he had the right building at that distance. Then the village was passed and by late afternoon they were heading west with the lake to their left.

Bren had taught Felanar to ride a horse, though never for this long a journey. He enjoyed seeing a part of the lake region that he had rarely seen before. Every now and then he would see a farmer or a fisherman traveling the other way. They inevitably stared at the sight of two High Men and a boy riding together, and Felanar felt proud at the company he was keeping. Once or twice they passed a villager who knew Felanar and the look of astonishment on their faces gave the boy something to smile about for some time afterward.

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