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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Four

“I so want to!” she said. “Who will look after you if they use some elven magic on you?” she continued in a concerned voice. They had spent hours talking about the wonders and dangers of elves. Everyone knew, or had heard, how quickly elves could change from friendly to hostile. What if they turned on her brother if he said a wrong word?

Felanar looked momentarily grave at this reminder of old conversations, but he put on a brave face and said, “Oh, I’ll be all right. Bren will be with me. Ravesfel will be there, too, and I’m sure he can tell the elves what to do.” In truth, the boy was still feeling apprehensive about the old man, but he didn’t want to let his sister know he was scared.

They left the bedroom and found the family gathered around to see him off. Felanar was calm as Alak said goodbye and Chafrar told him to obey both Ravesfel and Bren and to behave like a man. His emotions rose as Sera hugged him and told him how much she loved him. Finally he burst into tears as Kara rushed up and hugged him tight and told him to learn all about the elves and bring her back something from them.

He walked out to join Bren, who placed him upon the small charcoal-colored horse. Bren adjusted the saddle, and then he and Ravesfel mounted their horses and they were off. The early afternoon sun shone brightly on this summer day and the sky was bright blue with only a few fluffy clouds scattered here and there. Felanar looked back frequently as his home receded from view. His parents and Alak were gazing back and waving their arms in wide, easy arcs. Kara was waving hers back and forth rapidly and jumping up and down. Felanar smiled at her exuberance and tried to wave back but felt himself shift on the saddle, so he quickly turned forward again, gripping the reins tightly.

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