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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Fourteen

He paused in thought for a moment and then went on. “The best horses among the Findára belong to Llarand. Have you heard of Llarand?”

Felanar shook his head.

“He is the lord of all the elves. Even the Llaráin Erenár look to him and they look to no other creature in this world. You will soon meet Llarand, for we are going to visit him. I want you to meet him.”

“Why?” Felanar felt a bit uncomfortable about meeting someone looked up to by everyone else.

“Because the Regent always consults with Llarand. Llarand knows more about the lands than anyone else alive. If you are to serve the Regent, you must know Llarand and the Findára. They will be your best allies.”

That reminded Felanar of a question that was always on his mind. “When will I serve the Regent?”

Ravesfel looked thoughtfully at Felanar. “When it is time, young man, when you are finally ready.”

“When will I be ready?”

“I cannot say, it depends upon your diligence.”

Felanar stared at Ravesfel who was now gazing at the water that was gently swaying the boat from side to side. The water was a deep, dark blue in the morning light. Bren was staring up at the sky and contentedly smoking his long-stemmed pipe.

Felanar shut his eyes and imagined Llarand and the Findára. How majestic he must be, and terrible to behold! He thought of the Erenár, who looked to no one but Llarand.

“How old is Llarand?” asked Felanar, opening his eyes.

Ravesfel looked around with a blank look on his face. “Old? Hmmm … yes, old, well it’s hard to say, Felanar. Age doesn’t matter as much to the elves as it does to you men. To you he is as old as the Straits, though to him he seems but as a man who has lived a normal life of middle age.”

Felanar stared at the old man and wondered how that could be, as old at the Straits! Ravesfel muttered something else as he turned back to the water. It sounded as if he said something about Llarand being around for as long as he could remember, but Felanar couldn’t tell for sure. He closed his eyes again and thought how it would be to be as old as the water they sailed on.

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