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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Nine

With Ravesfel and Bren in the lead, Felanar looked around at the common room to the right as they entered. This was the room they had seen through the dirty windows, and now he could see that it was a gloomy alcove with dark walls and an empty fireplace. Perhaps in the cold weather there was a fire, but not tonight. There were a couple of elderly patrons in the room, one sitting at a small circular wooden table right at the fireplace and one sitting against the wall by the window. They both glanced at Felanar and the boy hastily turned away. He looked up at the man standing behind the front counter, the man who appeared to run this inn.

He was a balding man with deep wrinkles on his face matching his scowl. This was clearly his usual expression, Felanar thought, and he found himself taking an immediate dislike to the man. The proprietor was arguing about the price of a room and Bren was handling it with his usual grace, though it was clear that he was irritated at the man. Finally a price was arrived at and they went up the staircase to an uneven landing with creaking floors and down a hallway to their room.

The room was as cheerless as the rest of the inn. Two low beds with thin blankets lined one of the walls, and a small table and two chairs sat in front of a shuttered window.

"Bren," said Ravesfel as he looked around the room, "why don't you and Felanar share the bed by the window. I’ll take the one by the door."

That suggestion was followed without comment and Felanar gratefully climbed into the far bed after removing his boots. He was so tired he was asleep almost immediately.

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