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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Nineteen

Bren laughed heartily. “Llafáris suffers from the usual love of trees that is the trademark of the Findára. As for me, yes, Lloréna is nice, but I manage to survive without seeing it often!”

“Bren displays his usual lack of cultivation, which, sadly, cannot be cured. We may have hope for you, young master, if you have not been too corrupted in the ways of men. Come, climb aboard your horses, for we have a long journey ahead.”

Each mounted a horse, Felanar getting a small brown mare. Llafáris uttered a few words in a strange tongue and the horses immediately started galloping through the forest. Felanar found his horse to be surprisingly gentle, even quiet, for the speed with which they were moving. In fact, the motion was quite pleasant and he soon felt at ease traveling through the woods, the wind rushing through his hair. Llafáris, he noticed, had no saddle, but sat easily atop his white horse.

As the day progressed, they passed through the woods and into an open grassy plain. They were now riding across the northern end of the Elven Plain, though Felanar did not know it at the time. He had studied the geography of the western lands and he knew some of the basic features. He knew that the elves controlled the eastern half of the land from a river in the west and Mount Majestic to the Straits of Doom. He knew that Elaria lay to the north of the plain, but not much else stuck in his mind, other than the forbiddingly named Dragon Island off to the west. He and Kara had long speculated what it would be like to travel there. He wondered if the elves ever traveled there, or if they could talk to dragons as easily as to birds.

They moved back into some woods and took a route that kept them off the main path and along trails that seemed perfectly hidden to Felanar but which Llafáris and the horses followed with ease. As a result of this they encountered no one that entire day, other than a small band of Findára in a small thicket of woods just south of the Irísta Channel. They greeted Llafáris and the others as they rode past. Or so Felanar assumed for he couldn’t make out what was said.

It was quite dark when they stopped for the night. Felanar slept soundly that night in the woods. The next day, after a breakfast of some sweet and delicious elven bread, which energized Felanar, they rode on.

By dusk of the second day, they arrived at the narrow part of the Irísta Channel that separated the plain from the island of Elaria. They approached a small harbor and found there, waiting for them, a large boat manned by Llaráin Erenár, water elves. To Felanar they looked the same as Llafáris. They boarded and sailed across the narrow channel and into the harbor of Melanaré, on the island of Elaria.

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