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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part One

The next two weeks were filled with anticipation. Felanar and Kara spoke of nothing else, spending hours imagining Elaria. Their limited knowledge of the Llaráin (as the elves called themselves) came from some old history books from Sera’s family. Kara loved to pore over the pages and imagine the green hills of Elaria and its strange people and odd ways.

Felanar and Kara discussed the wood elves, the Llaráin Findára, and the water elves, the Llaráin Erenár. Did they look or act differently from each other? Both groups lived in or near Elaria, the vast island north of the Elven Plain in the western lands, as the charts in the old books showed. Kara would have loved just to meet an elf, but the thought of actually traveling to their homeland inspired awe within her.

As the two weeks ended, the family began to anticipate Bren’s return until one morning two horsemen rode up to the house. The children eagerly peered out the windows and saw that Bren was on his dark brown horse and Ravesfel rode one silver-white. A third one, smaller and charcoal-grey, was tied behind Bren’s horse. As they reached the house, they alighted from their steeds, Bren with a leap and Ravesfel somewhat more carefully. They walked up to the door but before Bren could knock, Chafrar had opened it and, bowing, welcomed the men inside.

With the children lined up by Sera, Bren stepped forward and introduced Ravesfel to everyone. Bren knew Felanar had met the old man before, but he was surprised when Chafrar brusquely announced that Ravesfel was no stranger to Sera and himself. Bren looked over at Ravesfel but got no response. Ravesfel looked at Kara cheerfully and absently, then at Felanar and smiled. “Well, well, here’s the young man,” he said.

Felanar, not knowing quite how to respond, bowed stiffly and said, “It’s good to see you again, sir.”

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