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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Seven

It seemed to Felanar he had just closed his eyes when Bren awakened him next morning. Light was breaking across the eastern horizon and it was time to ride again. They had a quick breakfast of bread and fruit and then mounted their horses. As the light increased, Felanar noticed their path curved around the lake as they began to head south. By midday they could see a bridge in the distance. This was the King’s Bridge, built many centuries ago to speed the business of the King to the towns of Middleton and Upton. The bridge made it possible to cut across the estuary that fed into the lake from the sea, cutting three or four days travel by horseback for someone from Tranith Argan.

Over its long history, the bridge had occasionally fallen into disrepair and then had been restored by workers from Tranith Argan. Low Men from Middleton and Brookhollow now kept up the repairs, for they used it more than any servant of the Regent did. As they crossed over the curved stone structure Felanar wondered what sights these stones had seen. He thought about distant Kings and Regents and High and Low Men and how small he seemed in the march of history. He mused about this until the sound of the horse's hoofs clip-clopping across the worn stones brought him back to the present.

On the other side they stopped briefly for lunch. Nearby was a family heading in the opposite direction, traveling toward Brookhollow. The family nodded in greeting as they passed. Lunch was quickly finished and they mounted up and rode onward. They rode harder now as the ground was more firmly packed, and they made better time.

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