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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Seventeen

Felanar wasn’t expecting an explanation of the reliability of winged species, and was amazed simply by the thought that animals could be spoken to at all. Bren saw his young student was confused by this idea and spoke up for his benefit.

“You see, Felanar, talking with animals is a skill that Ravesfel knows well. It is elven in origin, of course, for the elves were the first to arrive here, and they were the ones who made friends with the animals. There was a time when High Men learned this skill, especially the King, and it served them well. Alas, this is a skill long since forgotten by most, save Ravesfel and a few lore minders. Naturally the elves carry on the tradition as strongly as ever. Why do you think an elven horse is so loyal to its master? Wouldn’t you rather be with someone who thought enough of your mind to address it?”

“Could I learn this skill?” asked Felanar. “I have heard of this from the old books but everyone in my village said it was a lost art.”

“Indeed, Felanar,” answered Bren, “it is a lost art to your people, and almost to my own. The elves have not forgotten, however, and those old books tell the truth. You must remember that to the elves, the old books are current books. These books are alive to them for they are older than the books and they have not forgotten their skills as some have. Yes, you can learn this skill if you apply yourself. By all means, ask one of the Findára about it and you will make yourself a true friend. They love nothing more than to talk about their ways with an enlightened outsider, and if you ask about their ways you are assumed to be enlightened.”

Felanar noticed a slight smirk as Bren said this, and wondered how often he had dealt with the elves. He also wondered if the elves would think him enlightened, or just a simple-minded Low Man, and a boy at that. With those thoughts he joined the others and lay down to sleep. The starry night was mild and the sound of the waves on the beach soon lulled him to sleep.

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