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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Six

They didn’t stop for supper at the usual time, as Ravesfel wanted to take advantage of the summer light and go on until dusk. They would make a fire and have supper then, but in the meantime Bren shared some provisions with Felanar and they chewed as they rode. By now the novelty had ended for Felanar, and honor or no honor, he was growing tired of riding. But onward they went until the sun lowered in the sky and turned the horizon crimson. They finally stopped when it was dusk.

It was reasonably safe to sleep out in the open in the lake region. Robbers tended to target the Old Highway. Looking for pickings in the fields around the lake would leave a thief with only a few odd coins, for there just weren’t that many travelers who rode over the fields and plains. Any he did find would most likely be poor farmers or fishermen. Bren and Ravesfel certainly didn’t seem to feel any alarm, so Felanar felt safe in their presence. Felanar felt Bren could do no wrong, so if he felt it was safe, then Felanar was sure it was absolutely safe.

Bren asked Felanar to show Ravesfel his fire-making skills. This made the boy nervous, but he did well and soon there was a crackling blaze. Bren brought out some food for supper and began to prepare it over the fire. After supper it Ravesfel suggested that they sleep right away so they could be off by dawn. Felanar, tired out from the long ride, was asleep in a few minutes.

“He seems to have learned well,” Ravesfel said after Felanar was asleep.

“Yes,” replied Bren, “he is as good a pupil as you had hoped. I will admit when you first told me of this assignment I expected I would find an excitable young boy who quickly tired of the hard work involved. Your instincts about him were correct, however.”

“There is more to him than one would expect,” Ravesfel murmured with closed eyes.

“One could say the same about his sister,” Bren said.

Ravesfel opened his eyes and glanced curiously at Bren, and then, quietly: “One could.”

At this Bren put out the fire but left the stones and embers hot, and both men prepared for sleep.

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