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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Ten

As had happened the day before, it seemed just a moment had passed when Felanar felt a hand on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and saw Bren standing above him.

“Come, Felanar, we have another long day ahead. It’s time for breakfast. Come. Ravesfel’s waiting.”

Getting dressed in the dimly lit room, and noticing that it was still dark outside, Felanar wondered if these two ever slept past dawn. He rubbed his eyes and shuffled out the door and down the creaking hallway and the stairs to the common room.

Ravesfel and Bren were waiting, seated at a long wooden table. They were on low seats near the fireplace, though the fire was still not lit despite the coolness and dampness of the predawn air. The proprietor, Felanar reasoned, was a bit miserly about his fires and lit one only if he absolutely had to. Felanar sat down next to Bren, who smiled at the boy and called for the innkeeper’s wife.

After seeing the innkeeper the night before, Felanar had formed a picture of what his wife must be like, but she turned out to be quite unlike his expectations. She didn’t seem to mind getting up early for her guests. She was tall and slender, with a very kind face. Her dress was worn but clean, with a pattern of little flowers of red and yellow on a white background. Felanar noticed the flowers were faded. Seeing the boy stare at her, the woman smiled and served the food. How could the proprietor be so surly and his wife so pleasant, thought Felanar as he ate his steak and toast quickly. The innkeeper’s wife seemed pleased with his appetite and kept bringing more food and drink for him. Felanar looked around the room as he ate. He had never traveled much so anything outside Brindledown was a novelty to him. The old inn seemed very sad, neglected by time, and empty. He wondered if that was how the innkeeper’s wife felt when guests were gone. Did she feel sad and empty, cooped up in this old, run-down inn with a scowling husband?

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