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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Three

As they strolled outside, Felanar could barely make out his father saying, “Ravesfel, I’ve not doubted you in all the time we have helped you, but I’ve –“ and then the words became just a murmur as they walked further away.

The boy wondered if he had heard correctly. His father had had dealings with the Guardian before? Why had he never heard of this? His thoughts were interrupted by his mother’s call to help set the food on the table.

The two men reappeared and Felanar saw that his father’s face was flushed from frustration. Ravesfel, in contrast, looked as distracted as before. Both sat down at the table and Sera began serving steaming bowls of broth. Ravesfel snapped back into focus as the food was served and he displayed a hearty appetite.

Bren, as always, appreciated Sera’s cooking and was never too shy to say so. Kara had grown to like Bren very much and always laughed at his jokes, as did Felanar, who was now quite at ease around the High Man. Bren was just finishing a long anecdote about an errand he had to run for the Regent, and how one mistake led to another and misfortune resulted, when Ravesfel cleared his throat and said to Felanar, “Best get your bag, boy, we’ve got a full day ahead of us.”

Felanar jumped up from the table as the others cleared the dishes. Kara ran into Felanar’s bedroom as he finished packing his clothes. He saw her looking at him with admiration, love, and envy all at once. He smiled and said, “I wish you were coming with me. It would be wonderful to see the elves together.”

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