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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Twelve

The boat loaded, they cast off and slowly rowed out of the little harbor and away from the shore. The sun was rising and the village was beginning to wake up, first the fishermen, but soon others. Over the sound of the water a dog’s barking was heard in the distance, and a door slammed. They raised the sail and began tacking against the wind and away from shore. The sounds of the village died away and so did the sight of land. They were alone on the Straits.

Felanar was still feeling a little nervous in Ravesfel’s presence. The old man had not spoken much with him on their journey, often seeming preoccupied or ill at ease. In the boat, however, once they left shore behind, he visibly relaxed and turned to the boy and smiled. He said, “Bren tells me you have been a good student. I’m heartened to hear it, for though you seemed to have an eager spirit on that Festival afternoon one can never be sure with boys. Attention wandering and always on to the next great adventure. It can be frustrating to counsel a young ruler only to see one’s advice ignored because the impetuousness of youth. Are you enjoying learning?”

With that sudden question Felanar jumped inwardly and responded, “Yes, sir, very much indeed. I like riding horses best. Well,” he paused thinking of the past two days, “maybe not quite as much of it as we’ve been doing.”

Ravesfel laughed at this and Bren, still working with the sail and rudder, smiled over at Felanar. The old man stretched his legs and seemed to completely relax. “Ah, horses! Yes, horses are fun, especially when you have a good one. Do you know who has the best steeds?”

“No, sir.”

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