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4: A Journey to See Elves - Part Two

Is it? Well, good . . . good,” Ravesfel’s voice trailed off. He glanced out of the window at the sun still rising in the sky and turned back to face Chafrar. “Is your boy ready to go?” he asked. “We’ve a long road ahead.”

Chafrar seemed surprised at his haste. “Yes, the boy is ready but I would have a word with you first. And my wife has prepared a fine lunch and would be hurt if you didn’t stay and enjoy it with us.”

“I don’t mind, dear,” Sera said. “If they are in a hurry, I’ll just quickly pack some lunch to take with them.”

Without taking his gaze from the old man, Chafrar responded, “You’ll do no such thing, for there’s no sense in running off on some strange errand on an empty stomach. It’s a journey of several days, I’ve been told, so I’m sure an extra hour won’t make a difference.”

The old man returned Chafrar’s gaze, and then looked down at the children. Alak was full of curiosity. Kara looked away shyly. Felanar stared at the old man in anticipation. Bren looked quietly on, comfortable with the ways of the house, having been there often. He thought a lunch would be just the thing for such a journey.

“A quick lunch would be acceptable, and I thank you for your offer,” Ravesfel continued with a smile. “You must think me strange and discourteous to be this way, and I’m sure it is rude. I’ve much on my mind and much to plan. Please excuse me and let’s have this word, Chafrar. I would hear what you have to say while your excellent wife sets the table for us. Come.” He gestured toward the front door and Chafrar followed.

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