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5: Elaria - Part Eight

As dinner progressed, Llarand asked Ravesfel about the journey, and the old man quietly described the events of their travel, such as they were. Felanar wanted to hear more of this conversation with the ruler of the elves, who was as old as the Straits. However, he was sitting next to the children and they soon distracted him. Felanar wondered how old they were, for they seemed as young as Llafáris, though now that he thought about it he had no idea how old that made them.

“Where do you live?”

That question, asked by Dalonír, brought Felanar out of his reverie. He looked past Alessa toward his questioner and answered, “Brindledown.”


“A town south of Tranith Argan by Lake Brindle,” interrupted Alessa with a glance at her brother. She then turned back to Felanar and asked, “Are you a going to be a fisherman? I’ve been told that the men of your village fish.”

“Yes,” Felanar answered, still transfixed by her blue-grey eyes. “I’m going to learn soon. You have to be twelve to begin learning.” He was surprised by the extent of her knowledge of his world, and he felt chagrin at knowing so little of her world, despite those books Kara and he had pored over so many evenings. Now those old books seemed to have much more relevance and he wished he had paid even more attention to them.

“In that case,” she continued, “you will enjoy the Erenár very much, for the water is their true home and you will be welcome among them. I’m surprised to hear you say you are not old enough to learn. I would have ventured to say you were more than old enough.”

Felanar nodded and said he was almost twelve, being only a few months short of his birthday. He then asked Alessa how old she and Dalonír were.

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